Sharing the crochet love

I've been teaching beginners how to crochet for over five years, through workshops, one-to-one lessons and crochet club gatherings.  

kitty clarke about me 1
kitty clarke about me 2

Hello I'm Katie, and I love sharing this awesome little craft with anyone who'll listen.  I've had a thing about yarn since I was very young - I loved collecting it, making pom-poms, weaving, french kitting, finger knitting, and my mother and grandmother taught me to knit when I was about eight years old.  Yarn craft has always been part of my life and has always been a great comfort.  I discovered crochet much later in life when I moved back to Cornwall 12 years ago, and a talented friend I worked with inspired me to give it a go.  I took a crochet pattern book on holiday and taught myself to make granny squares while lazing on a beach, and that's where the obsession began.  I started teaching crochet five years ago when I became a mum and gave up my teaching job - I loved the idea of keeping the teaching going and being able to share my favourite hobby.  I design my own patterns, and love experiementing with new ideas, colours and yarns - I tend to make accessories and things for the home, as I'm not very good at finishing larger projects!  I favour chunky yarns so that I can get things made quickly, and I'm a big fan of t-shirt yarn.  

For lessons and workshops, I create patterns that are easy to follow and write them in plain English, to ensure that beginners don't get confused by all the abbreviations.  My pattern designs for beginners are simple and usually only introduce one stitch type, so the beginner can practice and master the same stitch throughout the project.  I've taught lots of left handed people to crochet and always include separate instructions and charts for left-handers when necessary.